Funded in part by grants from Monroe County and the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC); the August Family Foundation; and ESL Federal Credit Union.

More than 300 artifacts and images offer compelling, tangible evidence of the activities, people, places, events, and turning points in the life of Frederick Douglass -- self-made leader, powerful orator, renowned author, newspaper editor, and statesman, who spent the 25 most productive years of his life in Rochester (1847-1872).

Re-created environments, hands-on experiences, and Douglass’s own words drawn from speeches, correspondence, and publications enable visitors to "walk in Douglass’s shoes" as he bravely takes his freedom, educates himself, and rises above prejudice and injustice to become a commanding force in the cause of human rights.

"Are You A Leader Like Frederick Douglass?" (Exhibit Interactive)
Change your reflection in this special "mirror" by blending your face into an image of Frederick Douglass. Ask yourself what you would do if you were faced with the same challenges as Frederick Douglass. Would you choose to help others?