Face to Face

Face to Face: Encounters with Identity explores the ways in which individuals and groups express their identities to the world around them. Although most of us seldom think about identity in our everyday lives, we are continually confronted with the objects and symbols that both set us apart as individuals and bring us together in groups. Personal objects and ornaments as well as clothing and hair styles express our individuality. Family crests, national insignia and religious icons give us identity as groups.

Face to Face brings together more than three hundred and fifty objects from the RMSC’s anthropology collection. The exhibition is designed to allow visitors to encounter some of the ways that identity is expressed in societies ranging from the Haudenosaunee in the northeastern United States to the courts of Imperial China. You will see a range of expression and diversity that is both provocative and entertaining. Our aim is to show that as we come face to face with others, we discover ourselves.